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Institute de Cercetare

Institutul de Științele Vieții ”Regele Mihai I al României”

Institutul de Cercetări Horticole Avansate al Transilvaniei

Laboratoare de cercetare

1 Physico-chemical techniques applied to the analysis of animal origin products – CHIMVET Prof.dr. Sanda ANDREI https://erris.gov.ro/Physico-chemical-techniques-
2 Research Centre of Biochemistry and Agrofood Biotechnology (RCBAB) Prof.dr. Carmen SOCACIU https://erris.gov.ro/Research-Centre-of-Biochemis
3 Food Technology and Biotechnology Platform (FoodBio Tech) Prof.dr. Elena Mudura https://erris.gov.ro/Food-Quality-and-Safety-Rese
4 Molecular Nutrition and Proteomics Research Laboratory Prof.dr. Ramona SUHAROSCHI https://erris.gov.ro/Molecular-Nutrition-and-omics
5 Laboratory For Testing Food Quality And Safety Prof.dr. Sonia SOCACI https://erris.gov.ro/Laboratory–For-Testing-Food
6 Center for Advanced Research and Extension in Apiculture Prof.dr. Liviu Alexandru MARGHITAȘ https://erris.gov.ro/Center-for-Advanced-Research
7 Reference Center for Advanced Research in Sericulture and Silk Production Promotion Prof.dr. Daniel Severus DEZMIREAN https://erris.gov.ro/Reference-Center-for-Advance
8 Research Laboratory “Soil Fertility Control and Agroecosystems Monitoring” (CFSMA) Prof.dr. Marilena MĂRGHITAŞ https://erris.gov.ro/Research-Laboratory-Soil-Fer
9 Surveillance, Diagnosis and Control of Zoonoses Prof.dr. Vasile COZMA

Prof.dr. Andrei MIHALCA

10 Research Center for Comparative and Experimental Pathology Prof.dr. Cornel CĂTOI https://erris.gov.ro/Research-Center-for-Comparat
11 Minimum Tillage Systems and Sustainable Agricultural Technologies Prof.dr. Teodor RUSU https://erris.gov.ro/Minimum-Till-Sustain-Agric
12 Center for Biodiversity and Conservation (CBC) Prof.dr. Corina CĂTANĂ https://erris.gov.ro/Center-for-Biodiversity-and-
13 Advanced Research Center for Life Quality Assurance and Environmental Protection (CAPI) Prof.dr. Ioan OROIAN https://erris.gov.ro/Advanced-Research-Center-for
14 Plant Culture (PC) Prof.dr Ioan ROTAR https://erris.gov.ro/Plant-Culture-PC
15 Laboratory for the Environmental Control and Plant Protection (LIP) Prof.dr. Antonia ODAGIU https://erris.gov.ro/Laboratory-for-the-Environme-1
16 Laboratory of Veterinary Medical Diagnosis Prof.dr. Marina SPÎNU https://erris.gov.ro/Laboratory-of-Veterinary-Med
17 Applied Biological Sciences (SBA) Prof.dr. Roxana VIDICAN https://erris.gov.ro/Applied-Biological-Sciences
18 Zonal Laboratory for Animals Genotyping LZGA Prof.dr. Viorica COȘIER https://erris.gov.ro/Zonal-Laboratory-for-Animals
19  Research Center for Biotechnology in Agriculture-BIOCERA Acad. Prof.dr. Doru PAMFIL https://erris.gov.ro/Research-Center-for-Biotechn
20 Applied basic sciences in veterinary medicine and advanced morphological studies of laboratory animals Conf.dr. Florin Gheorghe STAN https://erris.gov.ro/Applied-basic-sciences-in-ve
21 Pharmacovigilance Laboratory Conf.dr. Mihai Sorin CERNEA https://erris.gov.ro/Pharmacovigilance-Laboratory
22 Research Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer (RCETT) Conf.dr. Călin VAC https://erris.gov.ro/RCETT
23 Laboratory for Certification and Cryopreservation of Animal Germplasm (CGA) Prof.dr. Marius ZĂHAN https://erris.gov.ro/CGA
24 Animal productions and food safety Prof.dr. Marian MIHAIU https://erris.gov.ro/Animal-prod-and-food-safety
25 Laboratory for water analysis and noise level measurement Conf.dr. Tania MIHĂIESCU https://erris.gov.ro/Laboratory-for-water-analysi
26 Optimization and development of sustainable technologies in crop production Prof.dr. Sorin STĂNILĂ https://erris.gov.ro/Optimization-and-development
27 Landscape Design and Planning using Sustainable Concepts (GREENLAND) Prof.dr. Adelina DUMITRAȘ https://erris.gov.ro/Landscape-Design-and-Plannin
28 Laboratory of Food Process and Structure Engineering Conf.dr. Vlad MUREȘAN https://erris.gov.ro/Laboratory-of-Food-Process-E
29 Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Data Analysis and Mining, Mathematical Modeling and GIS Prof.dr. Ioana POP https://erris.gov.ro/Data-Analysis-and-Math-Modeling
30 Laboratory of Research and Feed Quality Control (LCCF) Șef lucr.dr. Mihai-Iacob BENȚEA https://erris.gov.ro/Laboratory-of-Research-and-F
31 Laboratory of Animal Physiology Prof.dr. Vioara MIREȘAN https://erris.gov.ro/Laboratory-of-Animal-Physiol
32 Laboratory of Technology and Quality Control of Foodstuffs Prof.dr. Camelia RĂDUCU https://erris.gov.ro/Laboratory-of-Technology-and
33 Laboratory of Quality Control and Authenticity of Food Conf.dr. Aurelia COROIAN https://erris.gov.ro/Laboratory-of-Quality-Contro
34 Physico-chemical analysis laboratory of animal nutrition Prof.dr. Aurel ȘARA https://erris.gov.ro/Physico-chemical-analysis-la
35 Quality of drinking water for animals farms and piscicultural Șef lucr.dr. Cristina EL MAHDY https://erris.gov.ro/Quality-of-drinking-water-fo
36 Assessment of microclimate from animal shelters Șef lucr.dr. Cristina EL MAHDY https://erris.gov.ro/Assessment-of-microclimate-f
37 Laboratory of Applied Microbiology and Immunology (LAMI) Conf.dr. Adriana CRISTE https://erris.gov.ro/LAMI
38 Research Center for Biotechnology and Improvement of Farm Animals Șef lucr.dr. Adrian CÎMPEAN https://erris.gov.ro/Research-Center-Biotechnology
39 Phytopatology-Laboratory Prof.dr. Carmen PUIA https://erris.gov.ro/Phytopatology-Laboratory
40 Veterinary Biotechnology Research Center Prof.dr. Ștefan Ioan GROZA https://erris.gov.ro/Veterinary-Biotechnology-Res
41 Aquaculture – breeding technology Laboratory Conf.dr. Mihaela Ancuta BOARU https://erris.gov.ro/Aquaculture—breeding-techn
42 Plant genetics laboratory Șef lucr.dr. Ioana BERINDEAN https://erris.gov.ro/Plant-genetics-laboratory
43 Cattle Welfare and Production Management Laboratory Prof.dr. Grigore ONACIU https://erris.gov.ro/Cattle-Welfare-and-Productio
44 Research and Development Center for Waste Water Management Conf.dr. Călin VAC https://erris.gov.ro/Research-and-Development-Cen-2
45 Food Biotechnology and Molecular Gastronomy Prof.dr. Dan Cristian VODNAR https://erris.gov.ro/Food-Biotechnology-and-Molec
46 Research Center for Plant Breeding (RCPB) Prof.dr. Radu SESTRAȘ https://erris.gov.ro/Res-Centr-Plant-Breeding
47 Research Center for Plant Biodiversity (CCSBP) Conf.dr. Adriana SESTRAȘ https://erris.gov.ro/Res-Centr-Plant-Biodiv
48 Laboratory for underwater research (LUWRECH) Șef lucrări dr. Borda Cristin https://erris.gov.ro/Laboratory-for-underwater-re
49 Computer aided design laboratory on construction and site-conditioning plans for animal husbandry and fish farming Șef lucrări dr. Lavinia -Elena MOLDOVAN https://erris.gov.ro/Computer-aided-design-labora
50 Spectroscopy Laboratory Prof.Dr. Razvan Stefan https://erris.gov.ro/Spectroscopy-Laboratory
51 Chromatography and Biomolecules Analysis Laboratory CS II dr. Andrei MOCAN https://erris.gov.ro/Chromatography-and-Biomolecu
52 Research Center for Plant Biotechnology Conf.dr. Rodica Pop https://erris.gov.ro/Research-center-for-plant-bi
53 Soil Ecology and Applied Agroecology Lab Conf. dr. Mignon Sandor https://erris.gov.ro/Soil-Ecology-and-Applied-Agr